I am a 61 year old retired engineer. When I was in my early 40s my primary care physician put me on a low dose of a statin drug because of my slightly above normal LDL cholesterol level.  I had no heart problems nor any family history of heart issues. I was a very active person; running, swimming, biking and going to the local gym often. Some years into this treatment, I experienced muscle aches and pains that affected different areas of my body.  I initially attributed these changes to middle age, but the pains persisted and worsened to the point of significantly impacting my quality of life. I also had ever increasing blood sugar levels despite my physical activity and normal weight.

Today I struggle with activities of daily living and have to work to get in a short walk every day.  During all of this, my prescribing doctor denied that my pains were due to statin exposure and I actually underwent two surgeries for lower back and leg pain (due to symptoms that were, in my view, exacerbated by statins)

After doing my own research, I took myself off of the statin drug in 2014. By then it had been 15 years and the damage had been done. Needless to say, I have also changed doctors and have a confirmed diagnosis of statin-induced myopathy based on a muscle biopsy.  The high blood sugar developed into diabetes.

I decided to put together this website so I can share my  experience and the results of my findings in the hope that it will help others.  I quite often get asked about my condition and thought this would be a good vehicle to summarize the information that I have gleaned over the last several years.

This website is just getting started (Sept 2016) so please bear with me.  Comments are welcome!

Phil Dellin
@statinvictim on twitter
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PS: I am not a medical doctor and am not offering medical advice. Do your own research and consider this website a place to find materials that may be of use to you.

Note: There is a separate independent website, unaffiliated with me, used to gather statins side effect accounts.  Make sure you type the trailing “s” of statinvictims for that website.

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